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Vocabulary Topics

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Learn English vocabulary by topic

This section presents hundreds of vocabulary words grouped together by theme. There are 76 topic units to choose from. Each unit provides its own picture dictionary, online activities and printable resources to help you learn and remember your new words in a fun way.

Topics list a-z »
Here you will find direct links to 76 topic units, collected in one, easy-to-search place. The links are organised alphabetically.

Groups of topics »
Lists of topic units grouped together by similar theme.

Mini dictionaries »
36 mini dictionaries - fun, interactive and easy to use - are groups of 12 words related to common subject areas reflecting kids' interests. Learn spelling and pronunciation of 432 English words, and see what they mean.

Wordlist »
1542 vocabulary words from each unit in the Vocabulary Topics section. The words are grouped by topic units. Each listed group has a link to the relevant unit.