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Over 230 online word games to practise English vocabulary.

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Word games sorted by type

Drag and drop games

Easy and fun activities, great for reinforcing vocabulary. Drag words into the correct places.

Find me games

Easy and fun multiple-choice quiz games. Choose the correct word from four options.

Guess my name games

Practise your vocabulary with these fun multiple-choice games. Choose the word that matches the picture.

Letter by letter games

Easy word guessing games. Try to complete the mystery word by picking the correct letters.

Matching games

Practise vocabulary and test your memory with matching gamea. Match the words and the pictures.

Spell me games

Practise your vocabulary and spelling skills. Unscramble letters to correctly spell the words.

Wordsearch puzzles

Easy wordsearch puzzles. Find the hidden words! They can be found horizontally and vertically.