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Riddles can improve language skills and make kids think in English. Many sections of our website provide riddles for kids. Here, in one place, you will find direct links to some of them. Scroll down to explore!


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English Expressions

This section includes both online and printable resources that can help kids learn and practise everyday expressions used in simple communication. Also, many units provide riddles. Here are some of them.

ABC Animals

There are 26 animals at the ABC Zoo, each one begins with a different letter. Each animal has its own unit with pictures, fun facts, word games, riddles and printable resources designed to learn about the animals through the alphabet.
Below you will find all of the animal riddles from this section, and direct links to the relevant units.

A-words »

I am a type of insect
With antennae on my head
I might be found in a hill
And can be fire or red

B-words »

I am a mammal
But I am not a whale
I can fly
But I am not a plane

C-words »

I am an animal
With one hump or two
You can see me in the wild
Or at the Zoo, too

D-words »

I like play, I like bark
I like run around the park
I have a tail at the end
And I am your best friend

E-words »

Big, agile and strong
With talons so long
I am a proud bird
Hunting my prey every day

F-words »

I like to hop around
I'm a tadpole when I'm young
I am green and I croak
And catch flies with my tongue

G-words »

You can find me in a farm
I am as gentle as a lamb
Grass is what I love to chew
And I have some milk for you

H-words »

I swim in the river
I am big and grey
I eat grass for dinner
And growl every day

I-words »

One long beak, one long neck
Two long wings, two long legs
And like other birds
I come from an egg

J-words »

I like my spotted fur
My jaws are big and wide
If you can hear my purr
Just run away and hide

K-words »

I have feathers
Don't ask me why
Although I am a bird
I cannot fly

L-words »

I am a big cat
And my mane is brown
I am King of the Jungle
But wear no crown

M-words »

I like to swing
From tree to tree
With my tail
Blowing free

N-words »

I can live in ponds
I can live on land
I am bright and small
You can hold me in your hand

O-words »

I sleep all day
In the bright sunlight
And look for my dinner
In the middle of the night

P-words »

I sit on a pirate’s shoulder
And don’t ever fly away
The funniest thing about me
Is that I repeat what you say

Q-words »

I am small as a mouse
Or big as a cat
Always wear spots
You should know that

R-words »

I like to play in mud
Although I'm not a pig
I have very thick skin
And a horn which is big

S-words »

I am a mammal with flippers
I can be grey, black or white
I love to dive and jump up high
And I have excellent sight

T-words »

Fierce while hunting
I'm yellow and black
Jagged stripes
Decorate my back

U-words »

I live in rainforest
It's my playground and bed
I have a short tail
And my face is pink or red

V-words »

I'm a creature without legs
My skin has lots of scales
I can have a venomous bite
And sometimes I hunt at night

W-words »

I have sharp teeth
And a frightful growl
When I see the moon
I like to howl

X-words »

There are two pointy ears
On the top of my head
I have a thick, bushy tail
And my fur is red

Y-words »

I can be brown or black
You can ride on my back
But I have no time for play
Cause I work hard every day

Z-words »

I look very much
Like a small horse
Except for my stripes
Black and white of course