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Anglomaniacy.pl is a large area to explore, filled with hundreds of learning and teaching resources. Finding specific materials can sometimes be difficult. To start using our website, you might find it helpful to use our guides.

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Need help getting the most out of the anglomaniacy.pl website? Having trouble searching through this website, viewing PDF documents or playing flash games? Use our guides to find out how everything works.

If you have visited our website before...

You will probably notice that our new website looks very different! Yes, our pages have changed, and now they come with a new structure and design, and are mobile-friendly. But we still have the resources you expect to find. To start using our new website, you might find it helpful to use the website guides.

Also, you might need to clear your browser history in order to see the new site. And if you have any links through to our website, or any favourite links, you will need to update these so they work correctly with our new site.

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