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There are thousands of worksheets, flashcards, games and other activities on this website, and all of them make learning English fun for kids. To easy access, they are organised into two categories. You can browse them by activity type or by section title. Each category is divided into smaller areas, that come with materials to print and ideas on how to use them.

abc resources

Flashcards, games and activity worksheets designed for learning and teaching the English alphabet in a fun, interactive way. Plus ABC songs and rhymes.

archieved activities

Most of our online activities were built in Flash. Unfortunately, this technology is currently out of date, and our Flash-based lessons, exercises, tests and games won't run on modern browsers. Also, they don't work with all phones and tablets. Although Flash will be obsolete by the end of 2020, we will keep these activities going as long as we can. Therefore, they are still available at

what's new

There is always something new to discover at We are constantly adding fun worksheets and printable activities to our website. Learn more!