Holiday resources for kids learning English

Holiday Resources

rhymes, riddles, songs, games, printables for kids learning English

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This section is filled with online activities as well as printable materials to use for working with kids learning English. Our holiday resources are organised by topic and by type.

Resources by topic

There are four holiday units. Each comes with reading activities, word games and printable materials such as crafts, board and card games, and worksheets.

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Resources by type

There are three types of resources in this section. You can browse them by visiting the following pages:

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More holiday resources

You may also be interested in our vocabulary topics related to English holidays. Choose the topic, study the picture dictionary first, then practise new English words with the help of our interactive games. Take the tests and quizzes to check what you have learnt. Have more fun with our printables, choose from flashcards, word games, tests and quizzes.