A to Z Words

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26 games to practise English vocabulary.

In the wordsearch activities, find and highlight all the words hidden in the puzzle. They can be found horizontally and vertically.

A-words »
acorn, afternoon, alligator, angel, ant, autumn

B-words »
baby, basket, blue, book, bottle, bread

C-words »
camel, castle, chair, cheese, clock, crown

D-words »
day, dish, dog, doll, dress, duck

E-words »
eagle, ears, elephant, eraser, evening, eyes

F-words »
factory, family, fish, flower, fox, friends

G-words »
garden, giraffe, girl, gorilla, grapes, green

H-words »
hair, hamster, hedgehog, hippo, house, husband

I-words »
ibis, igloo, iguana, insect, iron, island

J-words »
jacket, jaguar, jam, jeans, jellyfish, juice

K-words »
kangaroo, key, kitchen, kiwi, knight, koala

L-words »
ladybird, lamp, lemon, lion, lollipop, lunch

M-words »
man, mask, money, morning, mountain, music

N-words »
neck, newt, night, nose, notebook, nurse

O-words »
octopus, olive, onion, orange, ostrich, owl

P-words »
paints, peacock, pineapple, plate, potate, purple

Q-words »
queen, question, quiche, quilt, guiver, quoll

R-words »
raccoon, rainbow, rhino, right, roof, rose

S-words »
school, shoes, sister, snake, starfish, sweater

T-words »
table, teacher, tiger, tomato, train, trousers

U-words »
umbrella, uncle, under, uniform, unit, universe

V-words »
van, vase, village, violet, violin, volcano

W-words »
waiter, wall, watch, whale, wife, winter

X-words »
xeme, xenops, xerox, ximenia, x-ray, xylophone

Y-words »
yacht, yak, yard, yellow, yesterday, yoghurt

Z-words »
zebra, zero, zigzag, zipper, zodiac, zucchini