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In the wordsearch activities, find and highlight all the words hidden in the puzzle. They can be found horizontally and vertically.

Autumn »
apple, corn, leaves, nuts, pear, rain

Bathroom »
brush, comb, mirror, shower, soap, towel

Bedroom »
bed, blanket, pillow, pyjamas, quilt, slippers

Birds »
canary, eagle, ostrich, parrot, sparrow, toucan

Birthday »
balloons, cake, candy, flower, gift, popper

Body »
back, eyes, hair, hands, head, mouth

Bugs »
beetle, butterfly, ladybird, mosquito, moth, spider

Buildings »
castle, church, house, igloo, pyramid, tower

Christmas »
angel, bell, holly, lights, pudding, stocking

Clothes »
blouse, coat, dress, jacket, sweater, trousers

Colours »
blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow

Days of the Week »
Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tueasday, Wednesday

Devices »
camera, computer, cooker, fridge, iron, printer

Drinks »
cocoa, coffee, juice, milk, tea, water

Easter »
basket, bunny, catkin, chick, lamb, lily

Fairy Tales »
dragon, fairy, king, prince, queen, witch

Family »
brother, daughter, father, mother, sister, son

Farm Animals »
duck, goat, goose, horse, turkey, sheep

Feelings »
angry, bored, happy, scared, tired, worried

Fish »
eel, flounder, goldfish, seahorse, shark

Flowers »
crocus, daffodil, daisy, rose, tulip, violet

Food »
bread, cheese, pasta, pizza, sandwich, soup

Fruit »
banana, cherry, orange, peach, pear, plum

Furniture »
armchair, bed, bookcase, desk, sofa, table

Halloween »
ghost, goblin, monster, mummy, pumpkin, witch

Health Problems »
cough, dentist, doctor, fever, headache, medicines

House »
balcony, ceiling, door, floor, roof, window

Jobs »
artist, engineer, farmer, nurse, policeman, teacher

Kitchen »
blender, cooker, fridge, kettle, microwave, teapot

Living Room »
bookcase, clock, fireplace, lamp, plant, sofa

Materials »
glass, gold, iron, silver, steel, wood

Meals »
breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, teatime, supper

Months »
April, August, July, June, March, October

Musical Instruments »
drum, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet

Natural Places »
desert, forest, lake, river, volcano, waterfall

Numbers »
eleven, five, nine, one, seven, three

Office »
calendar, computer, desk, folder, phone, printer

Park »
bench, grass, fountain, pond, swan, tree

People »
boy, child, girl, kids, person, woman

Pets »
canary, ferret, hamster, parrot, rabbit, turtle

Places »
beach, city, farm, field, town, village

Plants »
corn, flower, grass, mushroom, nuts, tree

Playground »
bike, carousel, sandpit, seasaw, slide, swing

Positions »
among, behind, between, near, over, under

School »
board, classroom, globe, pupil, ruler, teacher

School Subjects »
art, biology, history, maths, music, physics

Sea Animals »
crab, dolphin, octopus, penguin, seal, shark

Shapes »
circle, cross, heart, rectangle, square, triangle

Small Animals »
bat, frog, lizard, mouse, snail, squirrel

Space »
comet, galaxy, moon, planet, star, sun

Sport »
boxing, cycling, football, hockey, skiing, tennis

Spring »
birds, butterfly, catkin, crocus, grass, nest

Summer »
beach, boat, hotel, shell, sunbed, sunflower

Sweets »
cake, candy, chocolate, cookie, donut, lollipop

Time »
eight, four, six, ten, twelve, two

Time of Day »
afternoon, day, evening, midnight, morning

Town »
cinema, hospital, museum, park, school, zoo

Toys »
ball, blocks, doll, drum, kite, pram

Transport »
bike, lorry, plane, scooter, train, yacht

Valentine's Day »
birds, cupid, flower, heart, sweets, valentine

Vegetables »
bean, carrot, lettuce, onion, potato, radish

Verbs »
drink, give, read, sing, swim, write

Weather »
cloudy, foggy, rainy, snowy, sunny, windy

Wild Animals »
bear, giraffe, koala, rhino, tiger, zebra

Wild West »
chief, cowboy, horse, saloon, sheriff, vulture

Winter »
cold, frost, mittens, scarf, skates, snowman