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guess my name games

Word games for kids learning English

Easy, short and fun!
26 games to practise English vocabulary.

In the guess my name games, choose the word that matches the picture.

A-words »
accordion, acorn, actor, albatross, anchor, anemone, angel, anteater, apple, armchair, arms, arrow, artist, aunt, autumn, avocado

B-words »
bag, ball, bat, bath, bean, beetle, beetroot, bell, bench, bike, blanket, board, bowl, bridge, brush, butter

C-words »
cactus, cake, candy, cap, carpet, cat, cave, chick, child, chili, clown, coat, cook, corn, crown, cup

D-words »
daffodil, deer, desk, diamond, dinner, dish, dog, doghouse, doll, donut, door, drink, dragon, dragonfly, drum, dwarf

E-words »
eagle, ear, eel, egg, eight, eighty, elephant, eleven, elf, emu, engineer, envelope, eraser, evening, exam, eye

F-words »
face, falcon, fan, farm, field, fig, fish, fly, flour, flute, flower, fog, fox, fridge, frost, fruit

G-words »
garage, garden, garlic, gift, gingerbread, glass, globe, glue, goat, goblin, gold, goldfish, goose, gorilla, grass, guitar

H-words »
hail, hamburger, hamster, harp, hat, headache, headphones, heart, hedgehog, helicopter, hexagon, hippo, hot, hot dog, hourglass, hummingbird

I-words »
ibis, ice cream, icicles, igloo, iguana, impala, index, informatics, injection, insect, internet, iris, iron, island

J-words »
jackabee, jackal, jacket, jaguar, jam, jar, jeans, jelly beans, jellyfish, jigsaw, joker, jolly, jug, juice, jump

K-words »
kangaroo, key, keyboard, kefir, ketchup, kettle, kind, king, kiss, kite, kitchen, kitten, kiwi, knife, knight, koala

L-words »
lace, ladybird, lake, lamb, lamp, leaf, leek, lemon, lettuce, lilac, lily, lizard, loaf, log, lollipop, lorry

M-words »
mammoth, mask, mat, meadow, meat, microwave, miner, mirror, mittens, monster, moose, mosquito, mug, mule, mushroom, mustard

N-words »
nail, narwhal, neck, near, nephew, nest, newspaper, newt, niece, night, noon, notebook, numbat, nurse, nutria, nuts

O-words »
obedient, octagon, octopus, oil, olive, on, onion, opposite, orange, organizer, ostrich, oval, over, owl, own, ox

P-words »
parrot, parsley, peacock, pelican, pepper, phone, piano, pigeon, pillow, pineapple, plant, plum, pram, prawn, pumpkin, pyjamas

Q-words »
quail, quarrel, queen, queen bee, question, quetzal, quiche, quiet, quilt, quiver, quoll

R-words »
rabbit, raccoon, radio, radish, rat, ribbon, rice, right, ring, river, road, rocket, roof, room, rooster, ruler

S-words »
scarecrow, seasaw, skateboard, skirt, smartphone, smartwatch, snowball, snowdrops, snowflake, snowman, square, stocking, sunbathe, sunbed, sunflower, sunglasses

T-words »
table, tailor, tape, tent, tie, torch, toucan, towel, town, toy, tractor, trash, tray, treasure, tree, trousers

U-words »
uakari, UFO, ugli, ugly, umbrella, umbrellabird, unau, uncle, under, underwear, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, unit, universe, use

V-words »
vacuum cleaner, valentine, vampire, van, vanilla, vase, vet, vicuna, village, violin, viper, visit, vivid, volcano, vole, vulture

W-words »
walk, wall, wardrobe, washing machine, wasp, watch, waterfall, watermelon, weasel, whale, wind, window, winter, wolf, worm, wreath

X-words »
xanthic, xeme, xenops, xenopus, xerox, xerus, ximenia, x-ray, x-ray-fish, xylophone

Y-words »
yabby, yacht, yak, yard, yarn, yawn, yellow, yellowjacket, yesterday, yeti, yoghurt, yolk, yorkie, you, young

Z-words »
zany, zebra, zebu, zero, zigzag, zipper, zodiac, zonkey, zoo, zoom, zorilla, zucchini