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Card Games

printable resources for kids learning English

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Card games can be useful tools for teachers. They are fun and engaging experiences that can teach a wide variety of skills and language concepts.

Card games

There are 23 card games to choose from. Although originally designed for practising and revising language material presented on this website, our games can be easily adapted to any language concept, and the game ideas can be used to practise any vocabulary words your students are currently learning.

In these games kids sort, count, name, collect or exchange cards.

Our cards are created as components of our games (for example, question or task cards), but you can use them separately as normal flashcards, too. If you follow this link - Flashcard fun! - you will find lots of game and activity ideas for use in your English classroom.

How to browse the resources

Below you will find a picture guide to all of the card games. Each picture of the game links directly to its own page with tips on how to play and materials to download and print. Also, in each game box you can find a link to the page with related resources (lessons, worksheets, tests).

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Around the town

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Around the year

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Bye, Blue Fly!

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Can and can't

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Days of the week

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First meetings

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Food and drink

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Food race

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Four seasons

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Greet someone who...

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Guess who...

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How we go to school

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I'm hungry!

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I'm thirsty!

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I have got!

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My name is Peter!

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People's names

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Permission race

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Possession race

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Say goodbye

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Weather quiz

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What colour are they?

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Yummy food