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Flashcard games and activities

Flashcards are versatile teaching tools! They are great for introducing and revising vocabulary, and for playing different language games.

Below you will find some suggestions to inspire you, just starting points for individual or team games as well. You can adapt them to any language concept. For more ideas, check out our 22 Flashcards Games handbook (pdf). Also, visit our pages with flashcard games (instructions plus printable resources).


Place the flashcards in a pile face down on the table or floor. One person takes the top card, and without showing it, tries to elicit the word from the other player without speaking. For example, if the card is Lion, pretend to be a lion by making a mane with your hands. If the other player can guess the word, it is his turn to take a card.

Find the odd one out

Each pupil gets a few sets of words or pictures (e.g. 3 sets of 4 cards each). The task is to find one word (or picture) that does not match the rest.

Have a race

Stick several flashcards on the board in a row. Divide the class into two teams. Call out one of the flashcards. The first student to touch the correct flashcards wins a point for the team.

Hot potato

Invite kids to sit in a circle. Give four or five of the kids a word or picture card. Have them pass the cards around the circle while listening to music. Why the music stops, each pupil holding a card must name the vocabulary word on the card.

Listen and do

Using a selected set of flashcards, give your students commands or instructions. For example, Point to the window!

Missing cards

Place four cards in front of pupils. Give them a few moments to memorize the pictures (or words). Then tell them to close their eyes. Take away one of the cards. Tell the kids to open their eyes. The first pupil to guess the missing card can take away a card in the next round.

Who has it

Pass out two or three cards to each student. Call out the picture or word that is on one of the cards. The pupil who has the card should stand up and repeat the word. Play untill all of the cards have been called out and identified by the kids.

Word sort

Each pupil gets flashcards with words belonging to different categories, plus sheets of paper with the names of these categories. All cards are mixed. The task is to put the words into the right categories.