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printable resources for kids learning English

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Board games with cards can be useful tools for English teachers. They are a fun way to learn new vocabulary and make a change from the lesson routine.

Board games with cards

In our selection there are 22 board games with cards to choose from. Although originally designed for practising and revising language material presented on this website, they can be easily adapted to any language concept, and the game ideas can be used for a range of educational purposes.

Our games vary in many ways. Some of them are played with simple picture, question or task cards, others with self-checking ones. There are also games in which question cards have different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

How to browse the resources

Below you will find a picture guide to our games. Each picture of the game links directly to its own page with tips on how to play and materials to download and print. Also, in each game box you can find a link to the page with related resources (lessons, worksheets, tests).

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