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New Look

Our website has a whole new look, and now comes with a new structure and navigation, and is mobile-friendly too. But we still have the resources you expect to find.

We are confident that it will not take you long to get used to this new style and layout and, once you do, you will like it. To start using our new website, you might find it helpful to use this quick guide.

If you have visited our website before, you might need to clear your browser history in order to see the new site. And if you have any links through to our website, or any favourite links, you will need to update these so they work correctly with our new site.

Why has anglomaniacy.pl changed?

We have changed our website to improve how you find what you need, wherever you are. Our old design did not work very well on smartphones and tablets. More and more people are using these devices to visit our website. We wanted to make sure everyone can use our website, whatever device they use.

Improving our content is an ongoing process and we are aware that we still have some work to do. However, we think that our new layout will help you find what you need more easily.

New features

We have made lots of changes to make things easier for you to find and use. Take a look at some of the new and improved features.

  • content
  • Content has been refreshed, expanded and reorganised. Some obsolete resources have been removed.
  • The new site is divided into five main sections: Vocabulary, Expressions, Grammar, English Fun, Printables. They are, in turn, divided into subsections or units.
  • Each main section has its own support pages, that guide you through the current section of content.
  • You can also explore our resources by using these pages: Website Contents, Website Overview, and Sitemap.
  • navigation
  • We have preserved and improved the resources on the website but now this will be accessed using a different style of navigation.
  • Although the new navigation is easier to use than our old one, like all new things it may take a little getting used to. If you'd like some help in navigating our new site, read the Website Navigation guide.
  • layout
  • We have changed the layout to improve your experience on our website. Most of the pages are split into colourful parts which incorporate different pieces of information.
  • In general, there are three areas on each page: the top navigation bar, the main page contents (lessons, activities, printables etc.), and the bottom navigation bar. Learn more »
  • responsive design
  • Whether you are browsing on a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone, our new website will respond and display full content.
  • Mobile and tablet users can view the website easily thanks to a responsive design that automatically resizes the website to fit smaller screensizes.

Missing pages or broken links

With such a big change, there are always some imperfections. For example, some items may get misplaced or reorganised.

If you ever come across an area of our website that doesn't work or seems confusing, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to fix it. We appreciate your help!

Also, if you have suggestions for what could be changed, added or removed from the website to make it better please give us your feedback.

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