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Fox Facts

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Did you know?

Foxes are the smallest member of the dog family. They have characteristics of both dogs and cats, and are nocturnal animals.

Animal facts for kids learning English

The Red Fox is the most common species of the foxes. It lives in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and the Arctic.

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Newborn cubs weigh 100 grams each, are blind and deaf, and can't walk. Their mother must stay with them, their father brings food back for her to eat.

Fun facts about the animals

Foxes are mainly nocturnal animals. They are most active in the early morning hours and during the early hours of darkness.

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The fox has a very keen sense of sight, hearing and smelling. Being predators, they use their senses to stalk their prey with stealth and patience.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

The fox is a solitary animal. It usually hunts alone, rather than in packs like wolves or dogs.

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Foxes eat almost anything, their diet depends on where they live. Foxes from the countryside eat hares, earthworms, beetles, birds' eggs, and fallen fruit.

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Time for a Rhyme

Hello, Fox, my friend.
How are you today?
Not very well,
I am afraid.
I am very angry
Because I am hungry.
I've eaten one hen.
When? Yesterday.

Fox fun facts for kids learning English