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Flashcards, worksheets, word games, classroom games ideas, fun crafts. Explore our Halloween printables and enjoy them with the kids! Scroll down for all our printable resources.

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Here you will find worksheets with various word games, some Halloween craft ideas, flashcards, boards and other game items.

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Also, check out our two games that can be done in class to learn and practise Halloween vocabulary.

Our printables are in pdf format. To download them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Halloween flashcards for kids learning English
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  • Great for presenting, practising or revising new language. And they make learning fun! You can use them to play different word games such as memory, matching, guessing, missing cards, or Bingo games.
ABC games for kids learning English
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  • The game is played on two boards, one for each player. Player A marks his or her secret set of pictures, then Player Q tries to guess the secret set by process of elimination.
ABC worksheets for learning English
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  • Word games and puzzles, plus short poems to practise six words that appear in our flashcards and board game: ghost, monster, mummy, vampire, witch, wizard.

Worksheet | Answers

a scramble game, a secret code game, a picture crossword

Worksheet | Answers

a scramble game, a maze game, a make-new-words game, a wordsearch

Halloween Card

a fun card with the ribbon for kids at Halloween

Halloween Crown

use our template to make your own crown - it's easy and fun

Halloween Hat

a fun, easy to make hat for Halloween witches and wizards

Halloween Mask

make and wear this fun cat mask for your Halloween party

Halloween String

a fun Halloween decorations to hang in your classroom

Question Cards

a set of 16 double-sided cards to play quiz games

Game Board

a game board that works well with question cards


double-sided self-checking cards to play different games

Wild Cards

to make games more exciting, with starting and finishing cards

Pumpkin Markers

not mandatory for our games, use buttons or pawns instead