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Learn and practise English words connected with the theme Food: bread, buns, butter, cake, cheese, chips, egg, hamburger, ice cream, pizza, sandwich, sausages.

How the material is organised

This unit introduces kids to twelve English words connected with the theme Food and contains resources to learn, practise and revise new vocabulary in a fun way. The vocabulary words are presented before being practised. Then they reappear both in the activities to play online and in the worksheets to download and print.

  • Learning activities
  • First comes the learning section with the picture dictionary that introduces twelve new English words through pictures, sounds and text. There is also a set of interactive flashcards to practise new vocabulary by doing simple exercises.
  • Games for practising
  • Then you can practise new vocabulary by playing three different word games (matching, spelling, guessing).
  • Printable resources
  • Finally, there is a section that contains printable worksheets to practise offline.

Support and help

For more detailed information and tips on how to work through the unit please visit the following pages:

Overview »
This page will guide you through the Food Unit. Learn more about the unit structure, online activities and printable resources. There are also suggestions for using our resources in class.

Wordlist »
List of twelve vocabulary words that appear in the Food Unit, with pictures and short definitions. You can use it as a teaching tool to introduce, practise and revise English words connected with this topic.