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ESL resources to print


Take the learning offline with our printables that go well with the Easter matching game. Click the worksheet images below to view and download the full printable versions of them.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print our worksheets.

Flashcards make learning fun. They are a great tool for presenting, practising and revising new vocabulary. Also, you can use them to play different word games such as memory, matching or guessing games.

Bingo! Cards
Bingo! cards are a fun way to build language skills. You can use them for introducing and practising vocabulary, and they are great to play different word games. Also, kids can collect them to make their own picture dictionaries.

Read and Match
This is a very easy matching test designed for ESL beginners and young kids. In this activity, students draw lines between each word and its picture. Also, you can download and print an answer sheet.

Circle the Words
In this reading activity, kids look at the picture first, then read the words carefully, and finally draw a circle around the word that describes the picture. There is also an answer sheet to download and print.

How to play our matching game

The matching game is a fun and excellent way for ESL kids to learn, practise and review English words connected with the theme Easter. If your students are new to this topic, or if they need some help with their spelling, introduce the vocabulary by using our picture dictionary before playing the game.

Test your memory and see how quickly you can clear the board by matching up the pairs! There are twenty cards in the game. Ten of the cards have pictures and ten of the cards have words. At the beginning of the game they are displayed face down.

Click on two cards to match the word and the picture. If they show the pair, the cards remain open. If the two cards don’t match, they are turned face down again. Continue until you have ten pairs.

Try to remember where the pictures or words are. You have to match all the pictures and words as quickly as possible. But don't worry if your result is not perfect! Just click on the Play Again button to start the new game.