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English vocabulary: Weather topic


Learn and practise English vocabulary connected with the theme Weather. This page gives you a quick guide to the unit contents. There is also a list of all the key words covered in the unit.

Unit Contents

Learning and Teaching Material

This unit introduces kids to ten English words connected with the theme Weather and contains resources to learn, practise and revise new vocabulary in a fun way. The vocabulary words are presented before being practised. Then they reappear both in the activities to play online and in the worksheets to download and print.

The unit has four areas to explore: Learn, Practise, Test Yourself, Download and Print. First comes the Learn! section with the picture dictionary that introduces ten new English words through pictures, sounds and text. Then you can practise new vocabulary by playing three different word games (matching, spelling, guessing) and test yourself by taking our picture test and vocabulary quiz. Finally, there is a section that contains printable worksheets to practise offline.

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English vocabulary: cloud

A puffy thing that moves across the sky.

English vocabulary: cold

Feeling no warmth.

English vocabulary: hail

Frozen, hard balls falling from clouds.

English vocabulary: hot

Very warm.

English words: rain

When water falls from clouds.

English words: snow

Flakes of frozen water falling from clouds.

English words: storm

With thunder and lightning.

English words: sun

Warms up the surface of the Earth.

English words: warm

Not too hot.

English words: wind

When air moves across the Earth.

English alphabet: W

The letter W.

English alphabet: w

The letter w.