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Children like learning about wild animals. Our ABC Animals section connects English with kids' interests. Young learners can build vocabulary and develop their reading skills, while at the same time broading their knowledge of animals. There are 26 animals at the ABC Zoo. Each animal begins with a different letter. Play animal games, learn animal facts and practise your English at the same time!

animal games »

There are 26 animal-related games at the ABC Zoo including colouring, guessing and dressing up games. Most of them are just for fun, but some games have educational values.

animal facts »

There are 26 animal readers. Each of them provides quick information and fun facts about animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects. You can also view some interesting animal pictures.

printable worksheets »

There are 26 animal worksheets. Each worksheet introduces kids to a different animal, and includes a variety of word games for practising and reinforcing new language. Also, we offer colourful, easy-to-play board and card games. Enjoy!

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