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Take the learning offline with our printables that go well with the Body spelling game. Click the worksheet images below to view and download the full printable versions of them.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print our worksheets.

Spell and Write
Test your spelling skills! Make words with the scrambled letters. There is also an answer sheet to download and print.

Missing Letters
Test your spelling skills! There are ten words, and each word is missing two letters. Fill in the letters correctly. Also, you can download and print an answer sheet.

A fun way to practise spelling skill. There are nine hidden words in each puzzle, and they go accross and down only. Also, you can download and print an answer sheet.

Circle the Words
In this reading activity, kids look at the picture first, then read the words carefully, and finally draw a circle around the word that describes the picture. There is also an answer sheet to download and print.

How to play our spelling game

This is a great activity to practise ten English words connected with the theme Body. Also, with the help of this game ESL kids can improve their spelling skills in a fun way. If your students are new to the topic, or if they need some help with their spelling, introduce the vocabulary by using our picture dictionary before playing the game.

To start, click on the Spell it! text. There are ten words to spell. Each word has its picture. You can see these pictures on the right of the game board.

Choose the picture of the word you want to practice. Now you can see the big picture of the word and two sets of boxes. The set at the top shows the word, but each letter of the word is scrambled up! The yellow set at the bottom is the place where you put the letters in the correct order.

Click on and drag the letters into the proper yellow boxes to correctly spell the word. Don't worry if you drag the letter into the wrong yellow box. Just try and try until you get the right place for it.

Then try the next word to spell.