English grammar for kids: present simple board with cards games

how to play

This is a board game with task and surprise (wild) cards for 2-4 players (or teams) to practise the positive, negative and question forms in a fun way.

  • Shuffle task cards and put in a pile face down. Do the same with the surprise cards.
  • Take a turn by flipping a coin (heads = move 1 space; tails = move 2 spaces).
  • When you land on a square, say the name of the letter on it first (if you can't, you miss a turn).
  • Then take a card from the top of the pile:
    If you land on a star square, take a surprise card and follow the instruction, e.g. Sing a song.
    If you land on a sun square, take a task card and do the activity, e.g. Choose the right form: he flies / he fly.
  • If you are right, don't move.
  • If you are wrong, move back one space.
  • The winner is the first player to reach the finish.


  • Print out a game board and cards. If you want, you can stick the printout onto the heavy paper. Laminate for future use.
  • Cut out the individual cards, fold them and glue. Learn more how to prepare our cards (pdf). They are double-sided with tasks on one side and grey-white patterns on the other.
  • Before playing the game revise or pre-teach the names of all the items on the playing cards.
  • You will need a place marker for each player and a coin to play the game. If you would like to make your own paper markers, you can use our colourful templates.

ideas for classroom games

  • Depending on your needs and goals, you can use the playing cards to play different games such as memory, matching or guessing games.
  • You are welcome to add your own ideas. For some suggestions, check out our 22 Flashcards Games handbook (pdf).

Flashcards and posters to teach present simple.

Fun, challenging activities to practise present simple.