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Learn English with songs! Visit these great websites for more fun. Listen to the melodies of your favourite kids' songs, sing along, learn new English words and download printable sheets for the most popular songs for children.

Clementine Lyrics and Video
Oh My Darling Clementine video plus lyrics for kids - sing along to this well-known song! From www.bussongs.com. BusSongs has the largest collection of kids songs on the Internet - with lyrics, videos, and music for children songs and nursery rhymes.

History of the Clementine Song
Although the author and copyright status for Clementine are unknown, the words and music to the original version of the song are usually attributed to Percy Montross, circa 1880. Clementine has since become a popular song with countless different verses for children, Scouts, etc.

Listen to the melodies of your favourite kids' songs, download printable SongSheets and MusicSheets for the most popular songs for children.

BBC Song Time
This website gives children the chance to enjoy singing with their favourite characters, just as in the television programme. It also gives children (and parents) the chance to be familiar with the words!

Free Kids Music
Discover great new music for children at FreeKidsMusic.com. You can listen or download an incredible children's songs from this website.

British Council
Find easy songs, and songs that are more difficult - and find songs for your little brother or sister too! You can also download mp3 and print song lyrics and sheet music to some of the songs.