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Possessive Nouns

Download our grammar reference card, flashcards, worksheets, tests and board or card games to introduce, practise and revise using possessive nouns in English.

All of the worksheets on this site are in pdf format. To download them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from

grammar reference cards

Use our reference cards to introduce the grammatical topics. Also, collect them to make your own grammar handbook.

Grammar reference

There is one set of reference cards to download. It contains short grammar explanation, some examples and grammar tips.

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reference cards

• possessive nouns »

grammar flashcards

Use them to play different grammar games such as memory, matching or guessing games. Also, they are great for presenting new grammar topics.

Printable flashcardsGrammar flashcards

There are two sets of flashcards to download. Look at the description, then decide which one to print.
Set 1. Possessive case 's and '
80 cards to practise possessive nouns
Set 2. Possessive case of
40 cards to practise possessive nouns

a card game for students to practise possessive nouns

• one, two or more copies of the flashcard sets
• take away one of the flashcards, now all the cards match in paired suits except one; that unmatched card is our Black Peter

• Shuffle the cards and deal them out to all the players
• Players check if they have any pair
• players put the pair they have found aside
• The one player chooses one card from his or her partner's set
• If the chosen card matches any of his or her cards, he or she puts the pair aside
• Now it is another player's turn to play
• The loser is the one who's left with the Black Peter card

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grammar worksheets

Practise singular and plural nouns and have fun.

Grammar exercisesPrintable worksheetsESL worksheets

There are three worksheets to download. Look at the description, then decide which one to print.
Worksheet 1. Possessive nouns
(a) whose shadow is this (b) Lread and match (c) whose ball is this
Worksheet 2. Possessive nouns
(a) whose are these objects; write sentences like this: This is Floppy's umbrella
Worksheet 3. Possessive nouns
(a) choose the correct possessive form 's or ' (b) whose is this, whose are these (c) choose the correct possessive form 's or of

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grammar tests

Test yourself to check what you have learnt. We provide easy picture tests for beginners and more difficult for older kids.

Grammar testsPrintable tests

There are two tests to download. Look at the description, then decide which one to print.
Picture test
look at the picture, then choose the correct possessive form 's or '
Test yourself!
look at the picture, then choose the correct possessive form 's, ', or of

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grammar games

Download our board and card games to have extra practice! They are easy to teach and fun to play in pairs or small groups.

a board and card game for students to practise possessive nouns

Singular cardsPlural cardsGame example

• a game board, 6 sets of flashcards, envelopes for each card set

version 1
This is a game for 2 players (or for 2 teams). The game is played using a game board and one of six sets of playing cards. In this game, there is one person asking questions (Player Q) and the other person answering questions (Player A).
• Decide who will guess first
• Player A selects an envelope, takes out the cards and fans them in his or her hand secretly
• Player Q has to guess the secret set by asking yes/no questions
• According to the given answers, Player Q eliminates the pictures on the game board until he or she finds out the secret set
version 2
The game can be played on two boards, one for each player. Each player marks his or her secret set of cards, then tries to guess the other person's set by process of elimination.

Print out a game board and sets of playing cards. If you want, you can stick every printout onto the heavy paper. Cut out the individual cards, fold them and glue. You can laminate your game board and cards for future use.

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game items
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possessive nouns

Grammar lesson Grammar exercises Grammar tests Printable worksheets


In this unit you will learn about nouns, a very important part of English grammar. Choose the topic you want to learn, study the grammar explanations, do some exercises, then take online tests and print out our worksheets.

You can work through the unit systematically or in any chosen order.
Have fun!

common / proper

singular / plural

countable / uncountable


english grammar for kids

This section contains online lessons, activities and tests plus printable worksheets that can help children develop their grammar skills. Our activities, suitable for beginners and young learners, focus on the main grammatical topics taught on elementary English courses.

grammar lessons

grammar games

grammar quizzes