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Viper Facts

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Did you know?

Vipers are weird creatures. They can move without legs, and can cause sickness or death with a single bite.

Animal facts for kids learning English

Vipers are heavy-bodied, poisonous snakes. They range in size from under 30 cm to nearly 2 m and often have zigzag or diamonds patterns.

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Vipers don't see and hear well. They have no eyelids and no external ear openings.

Fun facts about the animals

Can vipers hypnotize people and animals? The myth probably arose because of the way snakes stare without moving.

ABC animals: viper

Tree Vipers are long, thin and very light. They eat frogs, lizards and small mammals.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

Gabbon Vipers live in Africa. Because of their colouration, they are hard to spot.

Learning English in a fun way

The Eyelash Viper is a nocturnal snake. It is one of the smallest poisonous snakes in America, but one of the most dangerous.

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Time for a Rhyme

There is a viper
In my garden.
And this viper
Is a hunter.
She hunts all day.
Mice, snails, bats,
Birds, frogs, rats
Run away!

Viper fun facts for kids learning English