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Verb Have Got

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Riddles for warm up

Need some warm up exercises? Try to solve our riddles before you take the grammar quiz!

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English tests for kids

I am a turtle. I have got sharp teeth.

True or false?


Turtles do not have teeth. Instead, they have horny beaks, much like birds.

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I am a snake. I have got bones.

True or false?


Although snakes are so flexible, they have bones and lots of them (400 or more).

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I am a frog. I have got short legs.

True or false?


Frogs have long legs to help them jump, hop and swim.

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I am an iguana. I have got a long tail.

True or false?


Iguanas have very long tail that is usually half of the body size.

Grammar Test

Have got is a very important verb in English. Test your understanding of the English lesson by taking the quiz.

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