Raccoon facts for kids learning English

Raccoon Facts

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Did you know?

Raccoons are curious, intelligent and often troublesome mammals. They may be found in hollow trees, ground burrows and brush piles.

Animal facts for kids learning English

The raccoon is about the size of a small dog. They have a black mask over their eyes and a heavily furred, ringed tail.

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Raccoons give birth to 2-6 kits at one time. A baby raccoon's eyes do not open until about three weeks.

Fun facts about the animals

Raccoons are great climbers. You can see them high in the branches of a tree on a moonlit night.

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Raccoons prefer wooded areas. They are nocturnal, but sometimes they are active during the day.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

Raccoons live between one and three years. They eat almost anything available. Their diet includes animals, fruits, nuts and grass.

Learning English in a fun way

Raccoons dip their food in water. They grasp and rub it in a way that makes them look like they are washing their food.

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Time for a Rhyme

I'm a little raccoon,
Prowling around,
I hunt for food
Without a sound.
A mask on my face
And a bushy tail,
Let's see if you can
Spot my trail!

Raccoon fun facts for kids learning English