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We offer a variety of exercises to learn and practise English, including crossword, wordsearch, sorting, matching and word ordering puzzles. Use them as warm-ups, fillers, complete lessons, homework, or extra practice.

Vocabulary »
Fun activities that introduce young learners to basic English vocabulary. Choose from matching, spelling, crossword and wordsearch puzzles.
Also, check out our collection of word games.

Grammar »
We offer a variety of activities and games to learn and practise English grammar rules, including crossword, wordsearch, sorting, matching and word ordering puzzles. You can browse them by grammar point or by resource type.

Expressions »
There are 36 thematic worksheets to choose from. Each one focuses on a particular topic (for example, Talking about the weather) and includes a variety of learning activities, exercises or word games, e.g. crossword, wordsearch, matching, word ordering puzzles.

Animals ABC »
Animal-related worksheets provide a variety of word games including quizzes, wordsearch and scramble puzzles for practising and revising key vocabulary found in the abc animals readers.

There are 26 worksheets for each letter of the alphabet to choose from. Each worksheet contains crossword and wordsearch puzzles plus riddles and tongue twisters to practise some words that begin with the same letter.

Holidays »
There are twelve worksheets designed to learn and practise vocabulary connected with holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine's Day). Each worksheet provides a set of fun word games including wordserch and crossword puzzles, scramble games, make-new-word games, and more.