Words starting with F

guess my name game

Practise your f-words with this fun multiple-choice quiz game. Choose the word that matches the picture. Good luck!


  • face, falcon, fan, farm, field, fig, fish, fly, flour, flute, flower, fog, fox, fridge, frost, fruit

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How to Play

  • To start playing the game, choose any button at the top of the game board (named Word 1, Word 2, Word 3, Word 4).
  • Now you can see the picture of the word and four words to choose from. Click on the word you think is correct.

  • If you are wrong, the selected word will disappear.
  • If you are right, the word will be highlighted in green, you hear its pronunciation, and the wrong answers will disappear.

  • Then try the next question. Look at the menu. Each solved task will be marked by the check icon.
  • You can learn the vocabulary by using our Picture Dictionary.