Insect facts for kids learning English

Insect Facts

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Did you know?

There are over 1 million different known species of insects in the world, and some experts estimate that there might be as many as 10 million!

Animal facts for kids learning English

Ant colonies consist of males, females and workers. The queen ant has wings and can live up to ten years.

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Butterflies can see red, green and yellow. They have four wings and six legs. They test with their feet.

Fun facts about the animals

Dragonflies have huge eyes and powerful jaws. The dragonflies are ancient insects, they were around before the dinosaurs.

ABC animals: insect

Flies are the only insects that have two wings. They don't grow, they are born full size.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

Our most common ladybird has seven spots. In many countries ladybirds are considered to be good luck.

Learning English in a fun way

Only female mosquitoes feed on or bite humans. They prefer children to adults, and blondes to brunettes.

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Time for a Rhyme

A family insects
Live under a tree.
A father, a mother
And babies three.
They can pinch.
They can fly.
They can sting.
They can bite.
Watch out!

Insect fun facts for kids learning English