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Below you will find printables that complete our online G for Giraffe unit. However, you can use them independently, in any way you like. Scroll down to explore!

There are five different activities to choose from. They are divided into two thematic groups:

G for Giraffe »
Giraffe-related readers, poems and word games. Young learners can practise English vocabulary, while at the same time broading their knowledge of this animal.

G-words »
Flashcards, a board game and worksheet designed to practise six words that begin with the letter G: ghost, giraffe, glass, goat, goose, grapes.

Our printables are in pdf format. To download them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

ESL printables for kids learning English
  • read and learn
  • reader sheet »
  • Kids like learning about wild animals. Our readers connect English with kids' interests. They can build vocabulary and develop their reading skills, while at the same time broading their knowledge of animals.
Printable worksheets for learning English
  • play and learn
  • worksheet »
  • answer key »
  • The worksheets provide a variety of word games including wordsearch and scramble puzzles for practising and revising key vocabulary found in the animal readers.

ABC flashcards for kids learning English
  • flashcards
  • pdf »
  • Great for presenting, practising or revising new language. And they make learning fun! You can use them to play different word games such as memory, matching, guessing, missing cards, or Bingo games.
ABC games for kids learning English
  • board game
  • pdf »
  • This is a simple yet fun game for practising letter recognition as well as building vocabulary with young English learners. To play the game, you need a game board, a dice, and a place marker for each player.
ABC worksheets for learning English
  • worksheet
  • pdf »
  • answer key »
  • The worksheet contains crossword and wordsearch puzzles, plus a riddle and a tongue twister to practise six words that begin with the letter G.