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36 online lessons to introduce and explain basic English expressions used in simple communication. Use this guide to find out where everything is. Scroll doiwn to explore!

Online lessons

There are 36 online lessons. Each one focuses on a particular topic and comes with a short explanation, easy to memorize, through pictures, audio files and sentence examples.

There are also rhymes, riddles and classroom games ideas to help learn and teach English vocabulary in a fun way, as well as printable lesson posters.

There are lots of colourful pictures on our lesson pages. When you are online, use them to practise English by doing simple exercises. For example, ask kids to describe the picture, make sentences that go with it, ask questions about the picture, give the picture a title, and so on.

Lessons guide

Below there is a picture guide to all of our lessons sorted by number. Each particular lesson is presented in its own box, which contains a short description of that lesson and a link to the content page.