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This part of the ABC Animals section helps young kids to learn the alphabet as well as the names of the animals through pictures, sounds and games. Scroll down to explore!

How the material is organised

The ABC Games section is designed to teach young English learners their ABC's in a fun, interactive way.

There are 26 animals, one for each letter of the alphabet. While learning the ABCs, kids meet funny characters such as Andy Alligator, Rocky Raccoon or Zara Zebra. They help teach children about each letter, introduce some new English words that begin with the same letter, and invite to play word games.

Picture dictionaries

Each game unit starts with a mini-dictionary that introduces six new words through pictures and sounds. You play sound when click on a picture. Then these words reappear in the online games. It is a fun way to build vocabulary with young learners.

English resources: Alligator word games
  • a for alligator »
  • I am Andy Alligator. Let's play with the letter A.
  • a-words: acorn, alligator, anchor, angel, ant, apple
English resources: Bear word games
  • b for bear »
  • I am Bernie Bear. Let's play with the letter B.
  • b-words: bat, bear, bee, bird, buffalo, butterfly
English resources: Camel word games
  • c for camel »
  • I am Caspar Camel. Let's play with the letter C.
  • c-words: camel, candy, carrot, cherry, cookie, cucumber
English resources: Dolphin word games
  • d for dolphin »
  • I am Donnie Dolphin. Let's play with the letter D.
  • d-words: dog, doll, dolphin, donkey, dragonfly, duck
English resources: Elephant word games
  • e for elephant »
  • I am Eddie Elephant. Let's play with the letter E.
  • e-words: eagle, Easter, egg, eight, elephant, elf
English resources: Fish word games
  • f for fish »
  • I am Finnigan Fish. Let's play with the letter F.
  • f-words: falcon, ferret, fish, flamingo, fly, frog
English resources: Giraffe word games
  • g for giraffe »
  • I am Gerry Giraffe. Let's play with the letter G.
  • g-words: ghost, giraffe, glass, goat, goose, grapes
English resources: Hippo word games
  • h for hippo »
  • I am Hippolytus Hippo. Let's play with the letter H.
  • h-words: hamburger, hamster, hedgehog, hen, herb, hippo
English resources: Insect word games
  • i for insect »
  • I am Izzy Insect. Let's play with the letter I.
  • i-words: ibis, ice cream, igloo, insect, iris, iron
English resources: Jellyfish word games
  • j for jellyfish »
  • I am Jeffrey Jellyfish. Let's play with the letter J.
  • j-words: jacket, jaguar, jam, jar, jeans, jellyfish
English resources: Kangaroo word games
  • k for kangaroo »
  • I am Ken Kangaroo. Let's play with the letter K.
  • k-words: kangaroo, kettle, key, kite, kiwi, knife
English resources: Lion word games
  • l for lion »
  • I am Lennie Lion. Let's play with the letter L.
  • l-words: ladybird, lamb, leaf, lion, loaf, lunch
English resources: Monkey word games
  • m for monkey »
  • I am Max Monkey. Let's play with the letter M.
  • m-words: mittens, monkey, moon, mug, mushroom, mustard
English resources: Newt word games
  • n for newt »
  • I am Nelson Newt. Let's play with the letter N.
  • n-words: nail, nest, newspaper, newt, nine, notebook
English resources: Owl word games
  • o for owl »
  • I am Ollie Owl. Let's play with the letter O.
  • o-words: octopus, one, onion, orange, ostrich, owl
English resources: Penguin word games
  • p for penguin »
  • I am Penn Penguin. Let's play with the letter P.
  • p-words: parrot, peach, pear, penguin, piano, pineapple
English resources: Queen Bee word games
  • q for queen bee »
  • I am Queen Bee. Let's play with the letter Q.
  • words with q: mosquito, queen bee, quilt, quiver, quoll, squirrel
English resources: Raccoon word games
  • r for raccoon »
  • I am Rocky Raccoon. Let's play with the letter R.
  • r-words: rabbit, raccoon, radio, radish, raspberry, rhino
English resources: Seal word games
  • s for seal »
  • I am Simon Seal. Let's play with the letter S.
  • s-words: scarf, seal, skate, sleigh, snowflake, socks
English resources: Tiger word games
  • t for tiger »
  • I am Timmy Tiger. Let's play with the letter T.
  • t-words: tea, tiger, tomato, trash, turkey, turtle
English resources: Unicorn word games
  • u for unicorn »
  • I am Unice Unicorn. Let's play with the letter U.
  • u-words: uakari, UFO, umbrella, underwear, unicorn, unit
English resources: Viper word games
  • v for viper »
  • I am Vincent Viper. Let's play with the letter V.
  • v-words: van, vase, violet, violin, viper, vulture
English resources: Whale word games
  • w for whale »
  • I am Wally Whale. Let's play with the letter W.
  • w-words: watch, whale, window, wizard, wolf, worm
English resources: Fox word games
  • x in fox »
  • I am Xavier Fox. Let's play with the letter X.
  • words with x: fox, six, text, wax, xenops, xylophone
English resources: Yak word games
  • y for yak »
  • I am Yancy Yak. Let's play with the letter Y.
  • y-words: yacht, yak, yarn, yeti, yoghurt, yolk
English resources: Zebra word games
  • z for zebra »
  • I am Zara Zebra. Let's play with the letter Z.
  • z-words: zebra, zebu, zero, zigzag, zipper, zoo